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Calculus – Addendum – Using the TI-84C to find the tangent lines of an ellipse through a specific point

By | November 3, 2016

Using the TI-84C to find the tangent lines In this tutorial students will learn how to use the TI-84C to graph and verify their work.  The students will also learn how to convert implicit functions into explicit functions and graph using the TI-84C.  The students have already found the equations of the 2 lines that… Read More »

Calculus – Addendum – Find 2 tangent lines to an ellipse that intersect at a point not on the graph

By | November 2, 2016

Addendum – Find the tangent line equations In this tutorial the students will revisit a previous tutorial where we found the equation to 2 tangent lines.  The problem is that the equations are in a more complex form.  The students will simplify the tangent line equations and verify their results using an online graphing calculator. In… Read More »