Algebra II – Find the Discriminant of a quadratic equation

By | December 1, 2016

Discriminant of Quadratic Equations

In this tutorial students learn how to evaluate the discriminant a quadratic function.  Evaluate the discriminant to learn information about the number and type of solution(s) to a quadratic equation before completely solving the equation.

Discriminate expression:  b^2-4ac

Once the quadratic equation is in standard form you can than easily identify a, b and c.

b^2-4ac < 0 then 2 IMAGINARY/COMPLEX solutions/roots.

b^2-4ac = 0 then 1 REAL solution/root.

b^2-4ac > 0 then 2 REAL solutions/roots.

Virginia Standards of Learning(SOL) AII.4B

The student will solve, algebraically and graphically,

b)   quadratic equations over the set of complex numbers.

Graphing calculators will be used for solving and for confirming the algebraic solutions